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Mishimoto MISMMOCSTI08TBK Oil Cooler - Black, Aluminum

Mishimoto MISMMOCSTI08TBK Oil Cooler - Black, Aluminum
  • Part: Performance Oil Cooler
  • Brand: Mishimoto
  • Manufacturer Number: MMOC-STI-08TBK
Price: $484.50
Brief description of auto part: Includes mounting brackets, stainless steel braided hoses, thermostatically controlled oil filter sandwich plate, banjo fitting and mounting hardware.
Item is made of the following materials: Aluminum
The color/finish of the option part: Black
Sales option (individually or in a set): Kit
We will send you this item in the next term: 1-2 Business Days
We provide the following warranty on this product: Mishimoto Limited Lifetime Warranty
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